Ripple CEO Bullish on XRP Lawsuit: ‚We’re Going to Win This Thing‘

• Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse expressed optimism about the lawsuit with the SEC.
• Attorney John Deaton representing 75000 XRP holders attended the XRP Las Vegas event.
• Emergence of new information regarding a case between US regulator and mining firm Rio Tinto has further fueled the excitement of Ripple community.

Ripple Optimistic on Winning Lawsuit Against SEC

Ripple Labs is feeling confident about winning its two-year long lawsuit with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). During the 2023 XRP Las Vegas event which was held in February, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse assured XRP supporters that victory is in their favor. Attorney John Deaton who represents 75000 XRP holders also attended this event to show his support for cryptocurrency industry.

New Information Sparks Debate Among Legal Experts

The emergence of a series of new information has sparked debate amongst legal experts on the prospects of both Ripple and SEC’s lawsuit. Last week, attorney Jeremy Hogan recalled an old case between SEC and mining firm Rio Tinto which was decided by U.S district judge Analisa Torres in favor of Rio Tinto. The appellate court later upheld Judge Torres’ decision, hinting at a possible victory for Ripple too.

XRP Community Awaiting Judge Torres‘ Verdict

Hogan’s reference to this case has raised expectations for a similar outcome in Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit with SEC. The XRP community is now eagerly awaiting Judge Torres‘ verdict to see if she will rule against SEC or not.

Ripple Supporters Showing Immense Support

Despite all odds,XRP community members have shown immense support to the protocol since beginning of this lawsuit against SEC. In acknowledgement to such dedication towards crypto industry, CEO Brad Garlinghouse took to Twitter appreciating these supporters and those who attended the XRP Las Vegas event as well as wishing Gaahree could be there too!


Ripple Labs remains hopeful that it will come out victorious from this long legal battle with US regulator and its passionate supporters are standing behind them every step of way!